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Engineered Vision

Created by Owner Chad Stroud, Engineered Vision opened its doors to integrate factory automation equipment. Factory automation can take many forms and at Engineered Vision we focus on Custom Machinery, Robot Integration, Collaborative Robots, and Machine Vision. Engineered Vision is one of the fastest growing collaborative robot engineering firms in Columbus, Ohio. We integrate our robots across industry boundaries including Robot Packaging, CNC Machine Tending, and Polishing. Collaborative robots are unique in their superb quality of being able to work alongside a human being with no danger present to the human. Because of their ability to work with humans through unrivaled Human-Centric UX, our collaborative robots have been labeled the WORLD'S #1 ROBOT!  

Engineered Vision saw a need for what many industries are searching, a way to take a step forward with technology and not risk worker jobs in the process. Through our factory automation process, workers will be provided automation training - increasing staff knowledge of automation will provide the toolkit to find new and unique factory applications. Factory automation can have an actionable return on investment through quality, safety, health, ergonomics, and capacity. 

Another troubling factor many industries are facing is safe automation for their workers and the high functioning robots that execute dangerous and dirty tasks. Engineered Vision saw that trouble factor and created the most state of the art, human safe, collaborative robots on the market. With the automatic stop function and built-in force/torque sensor tool human interaction with our robots are 100% safe. 

The real reason why we started is that we wanted to create one service for the future: INNOVATION THAT MATTERS! That is why our robots are of the collaborative nature, there is no moving forward without human interaction. Whether it be factory automation, machine vision, project management, custom machine design, prototype development, Turnkey systems or our collaborative robots Engineered Vision is here to bring your vision to life through Innovation that matters!