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Here are a few examples of our past projects as well as some of our commercial customers.

Dust Cover Case Study by Engineered Vision

Dust Covers

Discover our innovative medical device assembly machine, engineered to seamlessly integrate servo-driven precision for cap assembly at a swift 30 parts per minute.

This machine stands out for its tool-free changeovers across 20+ different parts, achieved through dynamic robot programming and machine vision guidance.

Dive into the case study to explore how we tackled challenges like translucent part identification and tight tolerance demands while upholding GMP standards.

Metal Roller Forming Case Study by Engineered Vision

Metal Roller Forming

Discover how our custom-built lathe and spin forming machine revolutionized steel tubing grooving for a leading roller conveyor manufacturer, eliminating bottlenecks and achieving an impressive 6-month return on investment (ROI).

Our dual-machine solution enabled precise, high-force grooving with tight tolerances, all while expertly managing heat buildup and catering to diverse part geometries.

Dive into our case study to learn how we navigated challenges, integrated advanced technologies, and ensured top-tier safety compliance to transform our client's production process.

Pharma Case Study by Engineered Vision


This custom machine processes ultra-fine precision hot melt extruded drug strands, ensuring impeccable accuracy with quad lasers, meticulous machine vision inspections, and adept handling mechanisms. Overcoming challenges including handling delicate, static-sensitive products and mastering intricacies with unique plastic geometries.

Dive into how our expertise, combined with cutting-edge technologies, delivers unparalleled accuracy in the realm of pharmaceutical manufacturing.


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