Affordable machining of small volume parts. Engineered Vision specializes in quantity 1-300 and small parts under 1 cubic foot. We do prototype, replacement, and OEM work.

Engineered Vision acquired Union Enterprises, a 75 year old machine shop, in 2020. More information on our services may be found at Union-Ent.Com.


A machine shop that cares about customers projects, timelines and budget. Engineered Vision makes high quality parts that will exceed your expectations. We are located in Westerville, Ohio and will get your parts to you Fast! Interested in talking through your application, just contact us.





Whether you are experiencing machine downtime or working on R&D, we know you need your parts fast. Quality starts from metal procurement – we have established vendors that track and test metals for outstanding quality. We keep our costs low and eliminate bureaucracy, which means you get a low cost part and you are always talking to a decision maker at the company.

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  1. Customer sends a hand sketch, 2D CAD, or 3D CAD to
  2. A machinist will review the drawing and determine the cost as a combination of the following:

    Material = stock material + fixture (if needed)

    Labor = machine programming time + machine run time + quality inspection

    Overhead = machine costs (cutters, electricity, etc.) + profit

  3. A Design for Manufacturing (DFM) review will be conducted as detailed in the next section
  4. A quote will be generated for the customer including quantity, material, and estimated lead time. We have most quotes back to you in 24 hours pending complexity

Tips: In order to quote we need to know the Design, Material, Quantity, and any special tolerances. If you are unsure on any of these, just let us know the application and we would be happy to make a suggestion or provide multiple quote options.


Our experienced machinists take time to review every part for DFM improvements as part of the quoting process, which saves our customers time and money. Some design aspects may add a machining operation or fixture that doubles the cost. Geometric and/or finish tolerancing can also increase costs by having to use a more expensive machine or factoring in material costs for part attrition. Some of these design features are superfluous and could be modified to improve machinability while maintaining design adequacy. An important part of identifying unnecessary design features is to understand the application, so be sure to include this in your email along with the part drawing.

We provide DFM Service complementary because we understand that long term partnerships are developed by trust.


  • We have a commitment to customer satisfaction, and guarantee all parts to meet print requirements or we will machine it again on us.
  • Just drop us an email at if you have a drawing or sketch to attach.
  • We have 2-way NDA’s ready, if you want us to send one over before sending your project info, just let us know!

We're available to support your factory automation needs. Contact us with questions.