Collaborative Robots

Collaborative Robots

Collaborative Robots, known as CoBots, are robots that collaborate with humans in the form of automation that increases production quality and speed while decreasing cost and manufacturing time. Unique in many ways, Our Robots are the safest on the market and come complete with a fully human-centric UX. Collaborative Robots, specifically Universal Robots, are revolutionizing the manufacturing industry by enabling operators to work alongside robots safely! The ability to install robots without guarding and costly safety circuit design is a drastic change from traditional robot integration and reduces costs by 50-75%!

Our Collaborative Robot Services:

  • Turnkey Integration
  • Application Development
  • Programming
  • Sorting
  • Picking
  • Packaging
  • Robot Vision (machine vision)

Collaborative Robot Limitations:

  • Weight – 22 lbs max
  • Reach – 4.25 ft radius
  • Speed – 3.28 ft/sec
    • Variable depending on payload inertia and stopping time
  • Risk Assessment Findings
    • A risk assessment must be completed on every project.
    • If the robot is carrying hazardous objects, guarding may be needed.

*If collaborative robots aren’t right for you we do integrate traditional robot systems as well. We will help determine the best choice for you situation.

What’s the next step?

  1. Discuss the problem and anticipated solution
  2. Engineered Vision will develop a proposal for your review
  3. Measurement and Planning (30% Design)
  4. Demo robot programming – if the process allows (60% Design)
  5. Design Review and Risk Assessment Completion (90% Design)
  6. Customer robotics training – safety, operations, and/or maintenance
  7. Installation at your facility and startup support

Type a simple explanation of what you want to do in the Free Application Analysis form and we will reach out to develop your system. If you are unsure of which Co-Bot to choose check the “Not Sure” Option.

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