A New Generation of Vision Flex Feeding Technology

High-Mix Part Feeding and Assembly

The Flex-Bot System, developed by Engineered Vision, is a cost-effective, turnkey solution for small part feeding & assembly. Flex-Bot fills several unmet market needs including High-Mix Feeding, Complex Part Feeding, Orientation, and Assembly in a single affordable package. Composed of the highest quality components from Epson, the Flex-Bot removes costly downtime and monotonous manual labor work by coordinating Flex Feeding, Vision, and Robotics. This flex feeding capability eradicates the time-wasting retooling, setup, and manual labor for a wide variety of parts & applications.


  • Mechanical & Electronic Assembly
  • Medical Device Handling & Assembly
  • Kitting/Palletization/Tray Loading
  • Material Handling
  • Material Compatibility: Plastic, Rubber, and Metal

What makes the FlexBot impactful for your business?

  • Unrivaled Performance Parts Feeding Solution powered by the strength of Epson.
  • Effortless SetUp and Configuration with fully customizable development software.
  • Reduction in quintessential development time customarily required for advanced processes & applications.
  • Open-Ended Part Handling supporting part sizes 5-40 mm.
  • Vibratory Feeder provides an easy setup option that assists different parts creating a depletion of the total cost of ownership.
  • Ability to support a variety of parts from basic to complex while also maintaining the ability to safely process delicate parts.
  • Automatic auto-tuning the parameters of the mechanized feeder for a straightforward new part setup.
  • Feeder Multi-axis vibration technology creates complete optimization of part manipulation and singulation for complete directional vibration control.
  • Backlight & Tray Configuration Options Available

System Setup – Flex-Bot VS. Typical System Setup


  • Vision System Programming: Point-to-Click Structure with built-in Robot-to-Vision collaboration.
  • Vibratory Feeder Integration: Automatic Parts Tuning incorporating seamless Vision-to-Feeder Set-Up.
  • Part Control Adjustment: Allows for designation of the distinct working areas involved in the process, chronicling each area for the Flex-Bot® system to understand the entire environment of the process.

Typical System Setup

  • Feeder Communication Set-Up involves an unambitious level protocol using a feeder command set for programming.
  • Continuous Feeder Adjustments for part moveability.
  • Machine Vision & Robot Framework, Calibration & Assessment.
  • Expensive Machine Vision Programming to solidify the location of parts.
  • System Communication Refinement with multiple programming edits until the entire system is measured, re-evaluated, re-tested, and finally in working order.

Vibratory Part Feeding & Machine Vision Reading

an immense variety of materials, shapes, and sizes!

The Flex-Bot works simultaneously with today’s pain and tomorrow’s growth by its adaptability for a wide range of parts & materials in multiple environments & processes. Not only does the system fit into nearly every industry, but it also provides simple setup, rapid part changeovers, and one of the lowest cost of ownership for a turnkey automation solution on the market!

How is the Flex-Bot feeding system different from a basic, off the shelf bowl feeder?

Off the shelf bowl feeders, while cost-effective, are dedicated to a specific part. Being able to move one part efficiently is great, but businesses manufacture more than one product, more than one component; because of this, a system needs to have the ability to adapt and change. The Flex-Bot can be used for a part you are currently producing while also having the ability to automatically adjust to a new part, no matter the complexity or time you want to switch, as long as the part lies within the 5-40mm range. Give your engineers the freedom to design and open up your businesses’ future revenue streams by being able to swiftly and efficiently change products automatically!

Engineered Vision will perform a Risk Assessment in conjunction with your team on every deployment to keep your workers safe!

What Are the Flex-Bot Components?

Engineered Vision is part of the Epson Advantage Partner Program and has achieved Gold Partner Status. Having Gold Partner Status helps Engineered Vision provide the high quality and unrivaled strength of expertise from Engineered Vision with the latest and increasingly innovative technology at Epson to create the Flex-Bot. Every Flex-Bot System Comes Complete with Seven (7) high-quality components:

  1. Epson Vision Camera
  2. Epson Scara Robot
  3. Epson Intelliflex Feeder
  4. Part Hopper
  5. EOAT (End of Arm Tool)
  6. Engineered Vision Standardized Base Frame
  7. Engineered Vision Safety Guarding

Additionally, the Flex-Bot comes with expert engineering & programming from Engineered Vision and a 1-Year Service Contract.


Conveyor Pallet Placing Add a Conveyor to your Flex-Bot or implement it with your current conveyor system.

Engineered Vision has created an additional two (2) options for the Flex-Bot System:

Indexing Table Placing

Add an Indexing Table to your Flex-Bot or implement it with your current indexing system.

Consult Engineered Vision for options/customizations, including feeders, frame, EOAT, Vision, Materials, etc. that are better suited to your specific applications. Additional sizes and materials can easily be supplied upon request. Feasibility testing is also available upon request.

How much does the Flex-Bot cost?

We know that automation is an essential part of today’s business world but unfortunately, is also an expensive investment. The reason Engineered Vision started was to create Innovation That Matters; to do that, we must keep the price flat, fair, and attainable to businesses of all shapes & sizes. Partnering with Epson has been beneficial to Engineered Vision, and we are passing our savings onto our current and future customers.

The Flex-Bot system, which includes the entire system, Engineered Vision programming & design genius, and a 1-Year Service Contract for $75,000.00! No Hidden Costs for Installation & Programming, Orientation Testing, Additional Engineering Time, NO HIDDEN COSTS EVER! Now that’s $75,000 spent wisely!


Flex-Bot has a relatively small footprint compared to other inspection systems while having the ability to adapt to multiple environments and processes instantly. Complete Specifications can BE FOUND HERE.


There are multiple configurations available for the Flex-Bot EOAT. Standard on the system is a pneumatic parallel gripper with configurable finger shapes to perfectly process your unique part. For parts that do not require external gripping, a vacuum EOAT with interchangeable cup sizes is available.


An Epson T3 Scara is the heart of the standard cell with the following specifications. Mounting Type: Tabletop – Arm Length: 400mm – Payload: Rated: 1 kg (2.20 lb) Max: CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE SPECS


An Epson IntelliFlex 240 Feeding system is the standard offering to meet many of the customer’s parts. See the basic specifications below: Part Size Dimensions: 5 – 40mm (0.20 – 1.58 inch) Vibration Platform: CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE SPECS


An Epson Vision system locates the specific part on the Vibration Platform of the feeder to be picked and placed by the robot. Vision Find Tools: Geometric Search, Polar Search, Normalized Correlation, Blob Analysis, Edge Finder, Line Finder, Arc Finder Vision Inspection Tools: CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE SPECS

Base Frame

Standard Base Frame Equipment: Base Frame: 3.0” x 3.0” square aluminum extrusion structure with painted steel sheet skirting. Frame Size: 36.0”(W) x 18.0”(D) x 31.6”(H). Leveling Feet: (4) plated steel leveling feet. Safety Guard Frame: 1.50” x 1.50” square aluminum extrusion structure with clear polycarbonate panels. Guard Frame Size: 36.0”(W) x 18.0”(D) x 63.0”(H from the floor)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Flex-Bot be integrated with existing equipment? Yes. The Flex-Bot has the capabilities of either adding new components OR being integrated with existing equipment & technologies.
  • Does the Flex-Bot come with anything besides the vision system, robot, feeder system, and one of a kind expert engineering, programming, integration & design from Engineered Vision? Yes. The Flex-Bot comes with two (2) additional options: Added Conveyor, Added Indexing Table.
  • How much does the Flex-Bot cost? We aren’t here to give a different price to every client like some firms, Engineered Vision’s Flex-Bot System has a flat rate of $75,000.00. That $75,000.00 includes EVERYTHING (System+Programming+1-Year Service) NO Extra Cost for Installation & Programming, No Extra Cost for Orientation, No, We Are Not Like The Other Firms.
  • What about Specs? We love giving out data to our advanced technology, especially the Flex-Bot System. Because of this love, we have created a brochure for all of your questions. CLICK HERE NOW for the information we collected for you!
  • What are the Backlight & Tray Configuration Options? The backlight options are: Red, White, Blue, and Infrared. The Tray Configuration options are: ESD, Anti-Static/Anti-Stick, and Anti-Rolling.
  • Is the Flex-Bot dedicated to a specific part? No Way! The Flex-Bot is capable of running your current parts as well as future parts sized 5-40 mm, no matter the complexity, all thanks to the sophisticated automatic parts tuning from the vibratory feeder!

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