Industrial Internet of Things

Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)

Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) is the combination of machines, sensors, and the internet giving way to smarter manufacturing through a sense of self as well as knowledge of up & downstream operations.

Factories generally contain complex processes with several parallel steps that must operate in unison to ensure on-time delivery to your customers. Many companies have developed their methods for tracking processes, which in our experience have been very manual including handwritten documentation. This documentation is then translated to a digital form that is compiled at some frequency for a view of the current State of the Company – often completed by the one person in the organization that knows where all of the documentation is and can translate everything. Engineered Vision works with businesses to capture all of their industrial information with sensors, software, and operational awareness. We provide you with the tools to see all aspects of your factory in real time through an easy to digest format.


Whether you will be adding sensors to your current machines or buying new “Smart Machines”, there are many solutions for you. Understanding all machine statuses in real time gives way to intelligent operation decisions as well as next level preventative maintenance. Sensors including temperature, humidity, vibration, vision, measurement, sounds, haptics, wearables, etc. can keep an eye on your critical processes and prevent costly downtime.

With the programmed workflow and sensor data all pushed to the internet (local or cloud-based), analytics dashboards will be set up to get a sense of the current state of your factory. Your new dashboard will contain current takt time, 1st pass yield, ensure correct routing of reworked parts, on-time delivery %, and potential machine issues (before they fail). This toolkit will change the way you operate by providing higher on-time delivery and lowering unscheduled downtime – order scheduling becomes much easier and less emergency maintenance staff is needed to sit and wait for a failure.

Factory data will be encrypted and sit behind a firewall to prevent trade secrets from being divulged. You can access this data from anywhere using a mobile phone, tablet, or PC – if you’ve ever had to make an important decision from home during a 2 am call concerning downtime, you’ll understand the importance of having all the facts at your fingertips.


Augmented Reality (AR) is the use of intelligent software to overlay a virtual image over something in the real world. In the industrial setting, this can be utilized as a maintenance guide, equipment training, new equipment interference checks, or see what I see (to show a Subject Matter Expert current conditions of operations). This is a next level technology that is rapidly being adopted by businesses to increase workers effectiveness, reduce downtime, reduce travel expenses, and train with virtual visual aids.

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