Machine Vision

What is Machine Vision? Machine Vision is a combination of hardware and software to capture images and process those images automatically to make intelligent decisions based on pre-programmed libraries for applications including but not limited to automatic inspection, gauging, guidance, and identification.

The speed in which machine vision is capable of capturing images and making intelligent decisions is many frames per second allowing this technology to be applied across many industries.

Typical in-line machine vision applications include:

  • Inspection

    • Part Inspection

    • Packaging Inspection

    • Color Inspection

    • Fluid Fill Level

    • Assembly Control

  • Gauging

    • Part Measurement

    • Feature Locations

  • Guidance

    • Machine Guidance

    • Robot Guidance

  • Identification

    • Distribution Sorting

    • OCR/OCV

Engineered Vision uses machine vision to help businesses oversee each intricate step of their manufacturing line. We customize existing technologies in creative ways to solve your unique problems.

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  • Engineered Vision will design, procure, install, and support the machine vision system that meets your application needs through the following steps:

  1. We will start by providing a Free Consultation and site visit to identify potential camera, light, and trigger locations

  2. Next we perform free lab testing on the provided part samples with a skeleton vision program to ensure machine vision will work for your application

  3. We provide the results and generate a customized solution for your application. At this point we will know where your machine vision problem sits on the basic to complex spectrum.

  4. Installation - we will procure the machine vision components from our established distribution partners known to deliver superior quality products (typically > 20 years experience) and install them at your facility with minimal downtime.

  5. Support - commissioning and technical support is provided to ensure your new manufacturing improvements come headache free

Machine Vision Services: 

  • Print Inspection Systems

  • System/Process Optimization

  • Cylinder Inspection Systems

  • Appliance Inspection Systems

  • Preventative Maintenance Service

  • Quality Control Systems

Having trouble with part assembly? Repeated quality defects? Are operators pencil whipping quality control sheets? Want to keep an eye on everything that is critical to quality?

Machine Vision is the answer. 

Need more than just Machine Vision?

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