Part Inspection System

Part Inspection System

Engineered Vision’s part inspection system, a form of factory automation, will give you the ability to automatically measure every single product through machine vision. There are infinite part measurement applications across all industries and a custom system will be developed to meet your unique application. We inspect across industry boundaries including: General Manufacturing, Automotive, Medical, Consumer Products, Food & Beverage, Electronics, and Robotics.

Machine vision utilizes a camera and a computer capable of analyzing images in real time to provide the required machine feedback to make intelligent in-process decisions. Several measurements can be taken simultaneously along with part tracking for proper disposition. This machine vision system can replace skip lot measurements and/or CMM with 100% inspection performed in-line.

Part Inspection Capabilities

  • Component measuring
  • Defect detection
  • Inspection
  • Gauging


  • Installation of vision hardware
  • Install communication cabling (digital I/O)
  • Camera and lighting adjustment
  • Commissioning support 8 hr

Vision Hardware

  • Camera, lens, & light
  • Camera & light Controller
  • Human machine interface (HMI)
  • Std. mounting & cabling


  • Vision Algorithms – lifetime license
  • Customized part inspection & measurement
  • Customized communication to PLCs

What is the Process?

Engineered Vision will design, procure, install, and support the machine vision system that meets your application needs through the following steps:

  1. We will start by providing a Free Consultation and site visit to identify potential camera, light, and trigger locations
  2. Next, we perform free lab testing on the provided part samples with a skeleton vision program to ensure machine vision will work for your application
  3. We provide the results and generate a customized solution for your application. At this point, we will know where your machine vision problem sits on the basic to complex spectrum.
  4. See the typical vision package components listed below.
  5. Installation – we will procure the machine vision components from our established distribution partners known to deliver superior quality products (typically > 20 years experience) and install them at your facility with minimal downtime.
  6. Support – commissioning and technical support is provided to ensure your new manufacturing improvements come headache-free

We also perform many different machine vision applications in addition to custom machine design and robotics integration. To see how we can help you CLICK HERE NOW and write a few sentences about your application.

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