Robots with a Payload of 3kg or Less

Here are the CoBots that have a 3 kg or Less Payload.

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UR3 Image


The Smallest of our Collaborative Robots, The UR3 is a versatile table-top machine that is best suited for the smaller tasks and similar automated scenarios. This Cobot is compact and efficient, weighing a mere 24.3 lbs with a payload of 6.6 lbs. All Wrist Joints have complete 360-degree rotation/movement and a limitless rotation on the end joint.

UR3E Image


One of the Most Recent releases, The UR3e Cobot is one of the most technologically advanced robots on the market. Multiple changes in innovations, a complete Human-Centric UX, and a specified ecosystem for every application. Be on the forefront of your future and mold your Vision with the most adaptable automation platform on market.

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