The UR3

Quick Facts:

Payload: 3kg / 6.6 lbs

# of 360° Rotating Joints: 6

Reach: 500mm / 19.7 in

Download the Full SPECS Sheet Here

LightWeight but Powerful

With a Total weight of 24.3 pounds, this Cobot is the smallest offered however pumps out a remarkable 6.6 lbs payload. Easy for workers to interact with and move to other factory areas if needed. 

360 Degree Rotation

Complete flexibility for any function, the UR3 uses unmasked 360 degree rotation technology for each arm joint. The End joint of the Arm is the most advanced with an infinite joint rotation. 

AutoMated Stop Function

Never worry again about robot safety with the automated stop function. Once programmed, the stop function will react when there is machine vision interference, if the robot hits any object, or if the robot moves outside of the directional area. 

best for applications that demand uniform product quality

Many possible functions from assembly to screw applications all the way to electrical components including circuit boards and medical devices and applications.